Windows Server 2012 는 17년 11월 부터 18년 02월까지 큰 이슈는 없는 것으로 보입니다.

January 17, 2018—KB4057402 (Preview of Monthly Rollup)

Windows Server 원격 관리를 담당하는 WinRM 서비스의 크래시, Deadlock에 대한 이슈가 해결 되었습니다.

Addresses the following issues with the WinRM service:
- A threading issue that may cause the WinRM service to crash under load. This is a client-side solution, so you must apply it to the affected computers(s) and the computers that communicate with the WinRM service.
- A system performance issue that may cause logon to stop responding with the message, "Please wait for the Remote Desktop Configuration". This was caused by a deadlock in the WinRM service.

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